Everything they didn't teach you in nursing school!


Personalized Support

Classes that support you in your career as a nurse. The stuff no one tells you about in nursing school!

All Nurses

This is for all nurses, some classes are targeted specifically to new nurses and nursing students. Check class descriptions for further clarification.

Individual Trainings

Two class options per month, each is approximately 90-minutes and is a combination of presentation, open dialogue and Q+A. Recordings included.


Everything they didn’t teach you about nursing

The Nurses Inspire Nurses Academy is a collection of bimonthly classes created to teach you all the things you didn’t learn in nursing school. Each topic for class is selected to support you in different areas of nursing and life. 

Think classes on confidence, scheduling, and how to handle emotions. 

These classes were born out of a desire to help support you in your nursing career in areas that we see nurses struggle with the most. No one taught us how to handle our emotions after a bad shift, or how to optimize our ever-changing schedules, or how to cultivate a sense of confidence in your practice. Not only will our classes help you with tangible skills they will connect you with other nurses going through the exact same things you are. Nursing is something that is very hard to understand for those not in the profession and it is our belief we were not made to do life or nursing alone! You will also have a safe place to ask questions in a supportive environment, no more wondering if something is dumb or if you shouldn't ask!


What our students are saying

Trevor Cox

 I don't know of any other organization that is so practically addressing the issue of Nurse burnout. The work that Nurses Inspire Nurses is doing is desperately needed and appreciated. Thanks, Nurses Inspire Nurses! Keep up the good work! 

Karrigan Bellant

I’ve been a nurse for nine months in the middle of a pandemic on a respiratory critical care floor. Needless to say, I needed to find support and grounding. That’s what Nurses Inspire Nurses has given to me. People who truly care and check on each other, tips on how to improve my scheduling, and more than anything- SUPPORT. Being a new nurse I may have a lot to learn, but I know a lot about being new!

Haylee Whitley

What I love about the Nurses Inspire Nurses community is how I truly feel supported! I enjoy all the little reminders, motivation, and tools to help get me through my shifts. I took my first NIN Academy class about working the holidays and I loved being able to meet other like minded nurses and meeting the founder of this incredible company!


Why Nurses Inspire Nurses Academy?

The NIN Academy is focused on everything they didn't teach you in nursing school. You'll receive support and guidance from real nurses who get what you are going through. Click the video to learn more!

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